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Veritas Sessions Reasoning

The Veritas Sessions Video

1. Postmodern Worldview

2. Separation of Church & State

3. Quantum Physics & Cosmology as Revelation

4. Social Justice Warriors & the Church

5. The Four Priorities of the Dominican Order

6. Are We SAtisfied? They radical liberation of our calling

7. Aquinas's five proofs of the existence of god

8. Applying the Postmodern Worldview

9. The Foundations of western culture

10. The Enemy at the gate

11. epic clash of worlds

Book Catalog

All in the family, Robert o. Self

A treatise on human nature,, David hume

Why the West rules - for now, Ian Morris

The matrix of western culture, Arthur Wenk

13 theories of human nature,, Leslie Stevenson, Et al

On human nature, Rogers Scrunton

The fatal conceit, F.A. Haydek

The road to serfdom, F.A. Haydek

On human nature: essays of Arthur Schopenhauer

Envy: a theory of social behavior, Helmut Schoeck

The right side of history, Ben Shapiro

Understanding human nature, Alfred adler

Toward the post-modern, jean francois lyotard 

Enlightenment's wake, John gray

The terror of existence: from Ecclesiastes to theater of the absurd, Theodore Dalrymple

The truth about truth : de-confusing and reconstructing the postmodern world, Walter truetT Anderson

The Kingdom of man: Genesis and failure of the modern project , remi brague

The sacrality of the secular, Bradley b. Onishi

Illiberal reformers, Thomas c. Leonard

Absolute relativism, cardinal Raymond Burke

The will to meaning, Viktor E frankl

Simulacra and simulation, Jean baudrillard

The postmodern condition: a Report on knowledge, jean francois lyotard

Christian sacraments in a postmodern world, kenAn b. oSBORNE, o.f.m.

Sacred interconnections, David Ray Griffin, ED.

Preaching to a postmodern world, Graham Johnston

ChristianitY in the postmodern turn, Myron b. penEr

The postmodern explained, Jean Francois lYotard

A secular age, Charles Taylor

The Victory of Reason: How Christianity led to freedom, capitalism, and western success Rodney Stark

The True Believer Eric Hoffer

A Purpose for everything: religion in a postmodern worldview charles birch

"The Truth" CD Compilation catalog

These CD's each contain over 200 pages of articles from various internet media like sovereign nations, public discourse, Crisis, and others. These articles are all pertinent to today's culture, political, religious, and intellectual issues and are useful for future veritas sessions.

To obtain a cd or an email download, use the contact form. there is no cost.

Volume 1

volume 2

volume 3

volume 4

volume 5

Volume 6 (600 pages)

others to follow.

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