Veritas Sessions

Lay Dominicans Preaching in the World

Like the Cucifixion (Corpus Hypercubicus), by Salvadore Dali, the Spanish surrealist, the world grows surreal. Politicians and Church leaders say the darndest things and their decision-making leaves literally EVERYTHING to be desired. Foundational truths in Western Culture are undergoing attack and basic views of reality take on limitless vagaries of interpretation. Even the idea of absolute or objective truth falls into a relativistic view. And the greatest cultural disaster is the loss of the sense of transcendence.

Members of the Order of Preachers - friars, nun, sisters, and lay people, face the collapsing world with the truth of the Gospels against the postmodern worldview that represents a philosophy of ruin and a psychology of despair that poses positions completely useless for human beings. Veritas Sessions is one of the weapons that we will use as we put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:11). The purpose of the Veritas Sessions is simple: present pieces of the truth of things in the world in small increments that will allow preachers - specifically Lay Dominicans - to discern and understand the signs of the times and be able to approach the postmodern world with the news of salvation. 

Each session is independent and is presentable in various ways, such as: video, written form, and live session.